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AdRation complies with the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Interactive Advertising Bureau's terms and conditions. To download IAB terms and conditions, click here. To download AdRation's terms and conditions, click here.

AdRation is compliant with the following IAB standards and guidelines: Ad Package, Digital Video Ad Format, VAST, and Rich Media Creative.

If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.


  1. AdRation In-Text Advertising is powered by a publisher-side technology called IncuTXT™. IncuTXT™ is administered with the permission and support of publishing partners. The code is installed by publishers into their sites and does not require any additional code, Adware, or Spyware to be downloaded or uploaded by a user.

  2. AdRation respects privacy and does not require the use of personally identifiable or behavioral information relating to an individual user.

  3. AdRation In-Text Ad Units are distinguished by a double-underline to identify that the word contains an advertisement link.

  4. AdRation In-Text Ad Units will always be clearly identified as an advertisement with the word "Advertisement", "Sponsor", or "Ad" clearly displayed above the ad.

  5. The identification of words and phrases by the IncuTXT™ automated process takes place after the article has been posted online.

  6. AdRation In-Text Advertising links will go directly to the identified advertiser website as denoted by the URL.

  7. AdRation strongly encourages publishers not to implement IncuTXT™ in late breaking news, political coverage, or other news channels that AdRation deems to be controversial or inappropriate.

  8. AdRation does not work with Adult advertisers and only serves advertising messages and copy that are in accordance with national advertising guidelines.