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Frequently Asked Questions

B2B marketers use the AdRation Platform to reach their target prospects online and shape purchase decisions. AdRation's data management and targeting technology, fueled by a proprietary audience of business population, enables precise and measurable display and social advertising programs for professionals from around the world to impact every stage of their sales and marketing funnel.Read More...

AdRation works with multiple websites with vast reach. Your advertisements will be shown only in the sites you have chosen in your campaign or bidding settings.

As an advertiser in AdRation you pay only for the actual run between start date and end date depending on the price model you use. There are no subscription taxes, other fees or commissions! You pay only to deposit a sum for advertising in your profile account. You can make a payment in the menu HOME » MY ACCOUNT and the sum will be in your profile after the successful transaction. The registration itself is absolutely free.

After you have made a successful payment in the platform, you may start your campaigns or bidding. The sums which are spent by them are withdrawn from your profile balance and cannot exceed the payment you have made.

We support PAYPAL payment method - Credit Cards, Checks or Bank transfer etc.

After the successful transaction the payment will be approved by our admins and the sum will be approved in your profile. An electronic invoice will be issued and send on your email ID.

In order for your ADs to begin displaying, you need to create a campaign first. It contains all the targeting options and the types of ADs. The setting are:

  • Label of the campaign - Give a distinctive name for your campaign in order to differentiate the campaign, its targeting and purpose, for example: November 2017 - Hats - Banners - Mobile"
  • Website targeting - You may choose where your ADs will be shown before the campaigns even starts. You can filter or block some sites according to their category, content or audience by your choice or campaign goals.
  • Daily and Campaign budget - You can define the maximum daily budget the campaign may spend. Beside this you can define the general campaign budget. This is extremely useful when you have more than one active campaigns and you want to distribute the budget among them. In this way every campaign will spend exactly as much as you have defined.

After you have filled the campaign settings, you have to save the campaign and the settings by pressing the button Submit.

The campaigns have three types of Delivery in the platform: Waiting, Running, Delivered.

  • Waiting – the campaign is automatically paused because of a certain reason. In order to find out what exactly, hover with your mouse pointer above the question mark next to the label "Waiting".
  • Running – all the criteria is met. The campaign is online and showing to the users in the current moment.
  • Delivered - your campaign has reached the budget limit or the time period you have defined and is paused automatically.

You can control your campaign whether to run or to be paused by the Status of the campaign. It is either Enabled or Disabled.

  • Enabled - you want the campaign to show online
  • Disabled - you do NOT want the campaign to show online

In order to change the Status of the campaign you only have to contact us by your choice. The changes are applied instantly and your campaign is modified in just a minute.

In AdRation Bidding price is defined by the Publisher for his website each slot and the highest amount of the day will be enable for run the ads and price deduct according to per day.

While Campaign price is defined by the Publisher and AdRation, it depends on the running the ads sum of the days and price deduct according to sum of the days.

You can choose both type of ads as "Place a Bid" or "Ad-Campaign".

  • Place a Bid: In Bidding price deduct according to per day.
  • Ad-Campaign: In Campaign price deduct according to sum of the days.

You can run detailed reports by using our reporting module. You can find it in the menu Customer Section. In the module you may use the different options and filters to see the exact data you need - by date, by site, by campaign.

  • Bid Details: Click on My Bid Details menu in right side in your account Customer Section.
  • Ad-Campaign Details: Click on My Ad Campaign menu in right side in your account Customer Section.

In order to start using the platform you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your profile
  2. After successful log in the system, you have to make a payment in order to have amount in your profile for your ads to run. You may do this in menu HOME » MY ACCOUNT
  3. Create your first campaign in menu AD CAMPAIGN
  4. Create at least one campaign and upload your Banner in your new campaign
  5. Make sure that your campaign have all the necessary information to be filled, running are met and the ads are online.

In case you haven't found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.